About Us

About Thames International

Thames International was established in 2004 and registered to act as the Local Agents for reputed Colleges and Universities in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia. Thames has a history of excellent services and reputation extended to students pursuing overseas education. Our supportive team of staff is committed to offer the students friendly, vibrant and efficient services which make the entire process easy for the student to understand and follow. Thames attaches high responsibility to every student without any reservations which creates an extremely pleasant atmosphere, immense trust and high level of reliability. We make the whole process flow as smooth as possible which brings great delight to students and parents alike. Staff at Thames take pride in whatever services they render and consider successes achieved as their own. This is the secret of rapid progress made by Thames which has attracted students and foreign Institutions resulting in our organization standing high up the ladder of success and fame in Sri Lanka.


  1. From the time the student confirms his/her enrolment – a close follow up on matters item by item is carried out
  2. Ensure conditions of enrolment and Refund policies are met
  3. Ensure quality and prestigious methods are adopted and adhered to in the submission of the Student Visa Application
  4. Proper and correct guidance is given to ensure the student is made aware of sponsorship/IELTS/Part-time employment and other overseas regulations to be aware of prior to entering the foreign country
  5. Ensure the college/University selected is registered/listed under the respective Government Body
  6. We maintain a close link with students until they reach the country of their selection and settle down


  1. Appointed as New Zealand Education Specialist Agent
  2. Appointed by British Council as an IELTS Registration Centre
  3. British Council Recommended Agent for UK EDUCATION

Our Services

Our team of competent, professional  and friendly staff  are trained to understand the requirement of the student which guides them to excellence. Our team assists the students with documentation to be submitted along with the application forms and we keep in regular contact with the universities/Colleges on the status and progress of applications. In brief, we provide a ‘total solution’ to the students in a professional manner. Thus our services have earned a remarkable reputation and built up a high success where people from all walks of life have experienced and seek our excellent services.  In addition to all this, we further add unconditional services as below:-

Provide proper educational counseling, and guidance to match their academic background

Make available accurate information on admission requirements, tuition fees, living expenses and other related matters.

Enroll prospective students with the chosen College/University

Assist the students with comprehensive visa documentation work and advice them on visa procedures – in compliance with the Immigration Laws.

Maintain close liaison with the students while they are studying abroad.